Amazon Fire HD 10 Reviews

The Amazon Fire HD 10 boasts about its big screen size which can be used to watch and stream videos, movies, or any kind of media. It comes packed with Amazon’s Alexa which can be very handy. The screen size gives a great quality of vision. It has a long battery life up to 10 hours. The tablet is equipped with Amazon’s Fire OS which gives a smooth interface.


  • The screen quality is good and admirable.
  • The device is of a great value with a good viewing experience.
  • It comes with Alexa, the voice assistant.
  • The Amazon content is good.
  • The battery life is long lasting.


  • The cameras are just average at best.
  • The design is not that appealing.
  • The buttons are poorly placed.
  • The Fire OS is not that interactive.

The Verdict:

The Amazon Fire HD 10 stands out in the given price range. The overall performance of the device is good with a decent display. The voice assistant comes in handy to provide help. If you want a decent performing device with good visuals, then this is a good choice to consider.

The quality design and display settings

The tablet comes with a 10.1-inch display, the screen comes with a 1920 x 1200 display. The plastic body might not be that appealing but within this price range, it can be compromised with. There are big bezels present around the screen. The device comes with a micro USB port which can be used for charging and a microphone. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The screen comes equipped with an IPS LCD touchscreen with 224 pixels. It can be used to watch videos, movies, and any media content with a vibrant quality of the screen. The screen can be reflective but the screen quality visuals are good for the given price range.

The battery life

The tablet comes with a powerful battery life. It lasts up to 10 hours of usage with a single charge. The device takes about 5 hours to charge fully. This can serve you with a lot of functionality with long working hours of media viewing and any personal or professional work. This gives the device a great edge over any other competitors, owing to its great battery life. The device can provide you with a great set of working potential even in the given price range, it is of great value as compared to its competitors. With a long battery life, you can go about your work and media viewing without worrying about the battery giving up. The tablet holds up to its power consumption requirements. If you want a good battery life, then this is definitely a choice to consider.


The Fire HD 10 comes with Amazon’s Fire OS which can be easy to use and function through. Most of the content on the device focuses on content offered by Amazon. The slick experience offered by the interface can give a smooth functioning to work on anything you want. You can readily watch movies, videos, play games, and more without any hurdles. There is a wide range of options to surf through in the app store which can be used for a lot of things.  The size of the screen is great for watching movies and gaming. It comes with dual-stereo speakers for a good audio quality. Along with the Amazon’s subscription, it provides you with a lot of quality content.

Good Camera and Performance

The tablet comes with a rear facing camera of 2MP which is pretty average and the front camera is VGA, which can take video calls. It does not perform that well in dim light conditions, although you can use the HDR mode, it takes a lot of patience to work. You can get a lot done even with these specifications. The overall performance of the device is run by the 1.8 GHz quad-core with 2 GB of RAM which gives it a smooth functioning system. For the given price range, the device stands up to expectations. As compared to its predecessor’s, it is fast and leads to giving a decent performing device.

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The Final Verdict

The Fire HD 10 is a great choice for you, especially if you have an Amazon prime membership as it is great for general media viewing. The decent performance with a good quality screen makes it a good choice under the given price range of budget tablets.


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