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Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB Review – With Energy Efficient Design

This is a DDR4 RAM unit Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB review. It comprises of a single 8 GB module; however, it would probably suit all your computing requirements as well as meet medium level gaming for such enthusiasts. This memory kit is built with overclocking performance capabilities as well, which makes it one of the desirable RAM units to purchase. PC builders who wish to want to fit in a good kit in their system even when memory capacity requirement is not much, this particular module will fit the bill.

Short answer time: Know pros & cons


  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Support high gaming and long computing sessions.


  • Its memory capacity might be inadequate for larger systems.
  • It is a pricey product.

Bottom line

This particular ddr4 RAM unit stands up to several tests of the industry, especially pertaining to heat spreader design as well as XMP memory profiling. It is found to be compatible with 6th and 7th gen Intel processors. The voltage consumption of this unit is 1.20 volts. With such aspects and a standard memory capacity, you will find this RAM unit a better substitute than opting for a DDR3 RAM unit of two modules of 8 GB each. Indeed, latency rate is also low and data transfer speed is fast which makes a DDR4 RAM unit a favorable purchase anytime.

Design features – stress on energy efficiency

The design of this module of Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB ddr4 ram features an energy efficient design that ensures that heat dissipation occurs effectively and one can game or run high resolution, intensive programs on their computer for long. The heat spreader element of this module is made of pure aluminum; this ensures that heat dissipation happens fast and the unit remains cool and keeps the system stable even after long hours of running. The module has an eight layer PCB design which also provides the overclocking potential to this unit.

Compatibility – built for the latest gen processors and motherboards

When it comes to compatibility, it is best that you check with the manufacturer or type in your computer model number on the official website to check compatibility before you make a purchase. The module comes in different colors which make it possible for you to match the components or motherboard of your computer or PC, especially if you are building one from scratch. It has been tested for compatibility with X99 as well as 100 series motherboards which can be tuned for higher frequencies when fitted with this RAM. It would consume lower power at the same time and offer greater bandwidth as a DDR4 RAM unit will as compared to a DDR3 RAM.

Performance parameters – responsiveness like never before

Performance parameters of this unit make it a desirable one to fit into any standard gaming or computing PC. The best aspect of DDR4 RAM is that it has headroom for overclocking. The heat spreader design of the system makes it able to dissipate heat faster and every IC in the module is screened separately that increases overall performance. The eight layer PCB design also helps the overclocking potential of the system. It also features XMP 2.0 support that ensures automatic and trouble free overclocking. The other desirable aspects of its performance are lowered voltage consumption and greater bandwidth as well as faster data transfer rate.

Manufacturer guarantee – ensures the best support

Corsair is a reputed brand and its DDR4 RAM unit can be purchased with conviction. There is the limited lifetime warranty offered on this product which covers all performance parameters. All memory products of this brand are known to offer reliable performance for a long time. The brand is known to champion overclocking RAM units and this will surely prove to be a worthy purchase in this category.


This particular DDR4 RAM unit is backed by high quality performance parameters that would meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts, video editors as well as high end system users. You can install the RAM unit with confidence, knowing that you can fall back to the reliable support system of the company in case you face any troubleshooting issues. It comes with a compact design that makes it compatible with the latest range of Intel processors. These aspects make this Corsair Vengeance LPX 8 GB a good purchase for any computing enthusiast.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Review – Compatible For 100 And X99 Series Motherboards

Here you can read up on Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB review. This is a reputed brand that has different models of DDR3 as well as DDR4 RAM technology on sale. The different features and performance aspects of this particular unit are reviewed here.

Short answer time: Know pros & cons


  • The modules have an efficient heat dissipation design element.
  • Overclocking potential is good.


  • Compatible with select motherboard and processor units.
  • High priced product.

Bottom line

This particular Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM unit is a desktop memory kit that is black in color. The total capacity of the RAM is two modules of 8 GB each. It is recommended that you enter the model number of your computer to ensure that this unit would be compatible before you consider purchasing it. It has a great design, and promises high performance with overclocking features. It is compatible with several Intel compressor models.

Physical aspects – efficient design

The design aspect of this DDR4 RAM is a plus point. It has aesthetic features and convenience aspects when you are trying to assemble it into a desktop unit. It comes in multiple colors and you can choose a unit as per your personal style or to match the rig you are assembling. The design also helps to spread out the heat; the heat spreader element is made of aluminum that helps to dissipate the heat faster; there is an eight layer PCB model that can manage the heat and offers more headroom for overclocking. Every IC is screened to improve the performance aspect.

Performance parameters – built for fast and responsive functioning

The performance potential of this Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM unit is optimized in different ways. It has efficient heat spreading capabilities that ensure effective cooling, which also enhances the overclocking potential. As the heat dissipation factor affects the overclocking potential of a RAM unit, the heat spreader element of the RAM made of aluminum helps to improve this potential. These DDR4 RAM modules are tested for compatibility for 100 and X99 series motherboards. Hence, fast and reliable performance is ensured with XMP2.0 support as well. This aspect ensures that overclocking is automatic and trouble free.

Compatibility – best processors and motherboards for this RAM

The compatibility of these DDR4 RAM module units are especially for 100 and X99 Intel processors and motherboards. Hence, with these components the DDR4 modules offer greater bandwidth, higher frequencies, and lower power consumption. The compact design of the DDR4 RAMs is also ideal for Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards as and when they are released. Vengeance LPX comes with a compact form factor that makes it future ready for smaller systems where internal spaces are more compact.

Overclocking performance – a key advantage of this unit

DRAM modules are preferred by many because of the promise of improved performance and responsiveness. XMP 2.0 support makes this RAM module units fun to use as you will enjoy heightened performance aspects without much hassle. The Vengeance LPX DRAM technology ensures safe and fast speed of your kit along with amazing and reliable performance. You can be assured that there will not be lockups or other stumbling blocks faced with this unit installed in your PC. For those who are enthusiasts of extreme gaming, run such sessions for long or are building high performance systems will like to invest in this set of DDR4 RAM which promises good performance. The memory capacity along with low latency and low voltage consumption rate make it ideal for running long gaming sessions.


There are several reasons to opt for this set of DDR4 RAM unit. It is designed to help boost the random access memory retrieval of your computer in a fast manner; you will get high responsiveness and stable performance even if you run the computer for long, whether it is extended gaming sessions or several applications running on your computer.

The RAM modules are sold with a lifetime limited warranty. The brand is a reliable one that offers components and memory products of high performance, compatibility and quality. The responsive customer care and support options also ensure that customers have peace of mind as and when they have any query that needs to be answered or there is any troubleshooting issue that needs to be addressed. If you wish to upgrade your PC or are assembling a high performance gaming rig then this Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM product you should invest in.

GSKILL TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 16GB Review -Reliable CAS 16 Rating

This particular GSKILL TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 16GB review showcases a RAM of the DDR4 genre offers two modules of 8 GB each. Being sold by G Skill and part of its Trident series, it flaunts certain qualities that make it valuable for many who are looking to build a high performance gaming rig. Whether it is a gaming rig or simply a high tech computer system, you need a DDR4 RAM to provide fast response and to hold the system stable even when gaming is carried out extensively and at high resolutions.

Short answer time: Know pros & cons


  • It promises fast data transfer.
  • Overclocking potential.
  • The color scheme is a unique design feature.
  • Comes with an associated software display.


  • It is an expensive model.
  • Will work with select processors and motherboards.

 Bottom line

This particular DDR4 RAM comprises of all desirable features; even though customers are advised to check with compatibility aspects before making a purchase, this RAM unit can provide all that is required for fast and smooth as well as reliable performance. Hence, if you are looking to purchase a DDR4 RAM unit, you can definitely consider this model. The memory capacity is adequate for high level gaming even and for computers running multimedia applications or video editing programs.

Design aspects – unique design features

This particular model GSKILL TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 16GB design has all the standard parameters for a quality DDR4 RAM purchase. It comes with the reliable CAS 16 rating. The box comes with dual DIMM package units where each is provided a case badge. The module has different colors on either side which makes the placement easier. The white part is a plastic light diffuser which is there for on-board RGB LEDs. The lights on the modules can be controlled separately or they could also be grouped together; Rainbow patterns can be chosen to assign different colors to the different LEDs of each module. The RGB denotes black and grey heat spreaders.

Performance parameters – what it offers

This particular DDR4 RAM has several performance parameters that are reflective of the kind of performance it can provide. The data rate is 3600; its latency is C16; the quad DIMM model is what its design is and its memory capacity is 32 GB. The CAS 16 TIMING refers to the latency rate where 16-16-16 stands for a quicker rate than 16-18-18; it is thicker by a hair than the classic DDR3 1600 CAS 7 model; as faster cycles indicate less time taken which in turn showcases the fastest data transmission capacity of this DDR4 RAM. The memory capacity of the RAM also indicates ample storage and quick retrieval of data capability that will ensure that long and extensive gaming session work smoothly and multi-tasking capabilities are enhanced in any system that this RAM unit is fitted into.

Special control features – display program for RAM

The Trident Z RGB control program of G Skill helps display the working of the DDR4 RAM. For instance, when static, strobing and breathing options are dimmed the color cycles can be detected to change accordingly. There are different functions such as music, starry night, comet, rainbow, flash and dash and other functions that can be checked out on this software which showcases the different functioning and responses of this DDR4 RAM. The lighting patterns are also programmed to change not only as per the kind of functions being run but the amount of heat generated.

Compatibility – how to configure this RAM

When it comes to motherboard and processor compatibility, it is necessary to check the specifications before you make the purchase. For instance, only certain processors and boards can boot the RAM at 3600 which is the data transfer rate. Hence, you need to determine the limits before you choose the high speed memory limit to set at the time of configuring this RAM unit to your motherboard or processor.


The above points will showcase the high performance and special features that this particular RAM unit comes with. You will find the color coordinated theme helpful when configuring the RAM if you are handling the assembling yourself. The low latency rate, low voltage consumption paired with high data transfer rate and the heat dissipated design makes this GSKILL TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 16GB unit an ideal purchase for a high performing computer system.

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