Logitech G920 Reviews: An Xbox One/PC racing wheel that’s well worth the cost

For all the gaming lovers out there who especially love to play racing games then an Xbox steering wheel is designed for you. You can associate it with your Xbox. The Logitech G920 racing steering wheel is compatible with your Xbox, PC, PS4, and PS3. Logitech G920 racing steering wheel is the best pick if you are looking for an Xbox one steering wheel. This Logitech G920 racing steering wheel review will prove its power and class. It has many significant updates than the other similar earlier released Logitech products such as G92, G27. However, this one is a little pricey but all the features it provides the cost is totally worth it. The steering wheel is featured with Logitech’s trusted and tried gearing dual-motor force feedback system. This motor has been Logitech’s constant reliable since G27 released. The company said that the system is updated with a hall-effect steering sensor. This is to increase its reliability. The Logitech G920 attributes automatic calibration on start-up. Also, 900 degrees of rotation is provided. The 8-bit controller has been kept same, which provides 256 steps of barely acceptable resolution. This one from Logitech does not feature a shift light like its previous released steering wheels had. This doesn’t make any difference as those lights were almost useless because they are very low to your view. Also, 24-point selection dial and +/- button are not there as they were present with Logitech’s previous models. They provided much ease while making adjustments when a gamer is driving in the game. Although the G920 has Xbox guide button the power indicator LED is so brightening that its blinding when you look near it, this feels a little annoying.

Know Pros and Cons


  • The steering wheel is a specifically for Xbox fans.
  • Better looking than other steering wheels of its competition.
  • It is equipped with all the navigation buttons provided right on the steering wheel.
  • Strongly built pedals, quickly responsive breaks.
  • Durable as associated with Logitech.
  • Smoothly working paddle shifters.


  • The power indicator LED is so brightening that can distract the player.
  • This Logitech steering wheel is provided with a gear driven motor which doesn’t work as smooth as other competing steering wheels.
  • Little costly.
  • Logitech G29 was provided with more button than this one has.

Before we get into a detailed description of all its features, this steering wheel is a great pick with the conclusive sim racing wheel works well with your Xbox One and PC. For latest racing games driving forces are delineated to the controller section. After this, you may never again like to play with you casual controller. It has the all the expected features such as on-wheel control, dual-motor force and highly responsive pedals. Logitech G920 will definitely take your gaming experience level to a whole new level.

Provided with all navigation buttons

Every gaming geek likes all the buttons which are going be to included during game handy. The steering wheel is specially designed for your Xbox One. There are so many new buttons G920 has as compared to what previous models of Logitech had. The steering wheel has with six red small buttons provided on the wheel. To making G920 more accessible there more new buttons offered at right positions. A D-pad is provided on the left side of the wheel which can be used for navigation. On the opposite side, there are A, B, X and Y buttons are present which can be used for in-game commands and Xbox navigations. Below that menu button is present. Also, ‘right stick button’ is present so that gamers are free to configure. Other buttons such as ‘view button’, ‘left stick button’, ‘Xbox buttons’ and others are present for their different specific features.

Strong pedals and brakes

The Logitech G920 is equipped with the stainless steel pedal system. This is almost identical by look as that of its previous models from Logitech but the brake system is different. The brakes work almost similar to a pressure-sensitive brake system. This is because of the nonlinear brake pedal new system. This just makes the brakes more accurate and responsive. The floor mounted pedal system definitely needs your attention if you considering this Xbox one steering wheel. Behind wheels, there are flappy paddles present, which are supposed to be used for shifting gears down and up. The wheels are made up of real leather and have anodized black metal look which makes it good looking.

Specifically designed for Xbox fans

If you are an Xbox one fan and looking for a steering wheel then this is one of the best options for you. Besides, the fact that it is a quite pricey option but totally worth its price. Used with Xbox one its best experience can be enjoyed to the best level.


The Logitech G920 racing steering wheel is totally deserving to this list and been through so many tests and trials to be in our top 2. Also, selected out of many available options this is one of our best picks. Logitech has proven with all the features it has that it is totally worth your attention.


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