PS4 vs PS4 Pro: Which one is better?

Sony has been known to have changed the way we see console gaming forever with the launch of the PlayStation all the way back in the 90s. However, the latest releases are the PS4 and the PS4 Pro which are certainly the most advanced PlayStation series ever!

The PS4 Pro is considered the more technologically advanced of the two as it supports 4K gaming as well as HDR video technology. Though a latest PS4 Slim version was released, it has been renamed as the original PS4 as the old version of the PS4 was phased out by Sony.

In this article, we shall be discussing the subtle differences when it comes to PS4 Slim vs PS4. At the end of the read, you will finally be able to pick which gaming console is best for your gaming tastes. Read on to find out more!

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Dimensions

The 3-D graphics supported by the PS4 slim are all due to its powerful GPU unit which is almost twice as fast as that of the normal PS4. The processor too is an upgrade from the PS4 variant which is cable of supporting AI and physics in games.

As per the manufacturer’s claims, PS4 runs at a speed of 4.2 teraflops whereas the PS4 runs at a meager 1.84 teraflops. Furthermore, despite both the variants of PS4 boasting the same level of memory, however, the pro variant runs at a higher speed as compared to the original PS4. The Pro variant holds an extra 1 GB of memory which is reserved for applications such as Netflix. This means that your gaming memory is separate and in order to run non-gaming applications, your gaming memory will not be compromised at any cost.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Graphics Comparison

In this section, we shall be carrying out a graphics comparison between PS4 Slim and PS4. However, it is important to note that the quality of graphics depends on the type of game being played. It is completely up to the developer of the game to utilize how much graphics their game wants. Though most of the games involve increased resolution, the games will appear very sharp on 4K TVs.

Also, the rather powerful GPU in the PS4 Pro can be utilized by the developers to include textures and lighting effects in their games which in turn to a more lifelike gaming experience. However, the only constraint that Sony poses to the developers is that the game must be playable on both PS4 and PS4 Slim gaming consoles.

However, the subtle differences in graphics resolution will only be visible if the game is played on a 4K TV or else it becomes very difficult to point out the difference. The most notable of differences is certainly the added lighting effects on the PS4 Pro which give contrast and also enhance the picture quality of the game being played.

Another notable advantage is Foliage. PS4 Pro is all about extra details and attention to detail whereas PS4 pictures are way simpler and occupy lesser textures to the pictures in the games.

PS4 Pro is not only about picture quality a little bit sharper but rather it’s about giving developers more freedom to add more details to the images being generated in the game. More the detail, higher is the excitement level when it comes to actually play the game.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Does PS4 Pro run games at native 4K video resolution?

Yes, this is true in some aspects. Only supported games are able to be played at native 4K Ultra HD resolution which is nothing but 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

However, even the best of games are not run at such high resolutions because the smoothness of play is compromised despite the additional power offered by the PS4 Pro console. Hence, most of the commonly played games are run at a video resolution which is in close proximity to 4K. This is not always 3200 x 1800 pixels which are then upscale to 4K video resolution. Sony has adopted a new technique which improves this process. It becomes very hard to tell the difference between a native 4K HD picture and an upscale one. Despite the existence of a difference, it still is very difficult to spot.

This is a very common practice and most of the PS4 game is played on 1080p video resolution and are further upscale to 4K. This upscale process is possible even in the Xbox One S console.

However, the PS4 Pro console is able to upscale the video to close proximity to pure 4K and an Xbox One S cannot match the former in that sense.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: What is the meaning of HDR and does it make any difference?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which is about generating video content such as films, games, and TV which appears brighter and finally, appears more lifelike.

HDR technology is very much new in the industry and has completely replaced all the old standards laid out by CRT TVs. HDR allows television sets to utilize their utmost potential while video playback.

The more immersive and lifelike picture is all down to the increase in peak brightness along with the increase of more vibrant colors throughout the video playback.

However, it becomes very difficult to understand the differences unless and until you use an HDR TV. On a non-HDR TV, colors will be absent and the picture will appear to be less remarkable than intended.

A good HDR TV is all about brighter lights which are bright enough to dazzle you.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Does a gamer require a 4K resolution television in order to play games on a PS4 Pro?

It isn’t a necessity to own a 4K HD TV in order to use   a PS4 Pro gaming console. However, it is highly recommended to get one in order to truly harness the maximum potential of the PS4 Pro gaming console. If you don’t own a 4K FULL HD TV, it doesn’t make sense upgrading from a PS4 to PS4 Pro.

A boost mode feature is expected to be part of the PS4 update 4.50 which is able to increase the performance levels of certain gaming titles. Though it won’t be able to boost it to a full 4K video resolution, it does ensure a decent frame rate per minute improvement in the tune of up to 40 percent.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which gaming console is better for using PlayStation VR?

There isn’t any significant defense when it comes to playing VR games on PS4 Pro in comparison with PS4. Despite a few minute upgrades here and there, there still isn’t enough evidence which proves that it’s worth the upgrade, just to accommodate PlayStation VR. However, do expect future upgrades resulting in the difference to get more significant.

However, it’s important to note that the PlayStation VR uses a special HDMI cable which is incompatible with 4K and HDR, hence, users will have to unplug their VR systems in order to play their PS4 games on TV.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: What is the size difference between the two variants of PS4?

The size difference is very significant if in case of space does become an issue for you. However, it’s still fair to note that the size of the PS4 Pro gaming console is still lesser than the rather huge Xbox One console.

  • New PS4 Slim: 26.5 x 28.8 x 3.9cm
  • Original PS4: 27.5 x 30.5 x 5.3cm
  • PS4 Pro: 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5cm

From the above data, we can see that the PS4 Pro is about 3 centimeters wider, deeper by 4 centimeters and about 2 centimeters taller. Despite the small differences in dimensions, but in reality, the PS4 Pro is 78 percent larger than the PS4 slim in terms of volume and is almost 20 percent larger than the first variant of PS4.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which games can I play?

One thing to note about us that there is no specific such as a PS4 Pro exclusive game. However, all PS4 games must be enhanced for PS4 Pro. Sony doesn’t validate games which can only run on a PS4 Pro.

It’s now a rule to support a PS4 Mode which consists of improved graphics as well as the performance levels. In this section, we shall be discussing a few of the best PS4 games playable on your PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This was one of the very first PS4 games designed for the PS4 Pro. It is great in terms of content and hence, would be an interesting addition to a PS4 Pro owner’s collection.

Resident Evil 7

This is a great game in terms of content and also allows you to allow the best of HDR technology.

The rise of the Tomb Raider

This game is a classic example of a PS4 upgrade. However, it still doesn’t support HDR but it does carry a bunch of visual improvements in both 1080p as well as in 4K.

The Last Guardian

This game supports both 1080p as well as 4K depending on the mode on the PS4 Pro. The HDR mode works on the existing version of PS4 as well.

The Last of Us Remastered

This game remains a great game for HDR technology in PS4 Pro. It also supports native 4K at 60 fps which makes it look great.


This game doesn’t support HDR, however, both performance, as well as the textures, have been improved considerably.

Battlefield 1

This is often considered as one of the best PS4 upgrades. It boasts a terrain detail as well as a performance advantage when it comes to the multiplayer game.

Watch Dogs 2

It looks great in 4K as well as 1080p all thanks to the process of improved anti-aliasing.

The Witcher 3

This game was relaunched in order to support both 4K as well as Full HDR gaming. Overall, it’s a stunning gaming experience altogether.

Best gaming console: PS4 Pro vs PS4: Can we play Blu-ray discs on a PS4 Pro?

Blu-Ray technology is known to be the holy grail of video resolution technology. Not many gaming consoles are able to support Blu-Ray gaming and the PS4 Pro is no exception. However, the Xbox One S is able to support Ultra HD Blu-ray gaming. This is not something PS4 Pro supports and will not do so in the near future. Despite the shortcomings, it still is able to support 4K HDR content from media sources such as a Netflix, etc.

In the age of cloud gaming technology, this shortcoming couldn’t be much of a problem for modem day gamers out there.

PS4 Pro vs PS4: Conclusion

PS4 is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand gaming consoles in the world. Despite the launch of the new and upgraded PS4 Pro, there isn’t the need for an upgrade from a PS4 in case you simply have a 1080p TV. The upgrade makes sense only if you consider buying a 4K TV. The costs involved are tremendous and hence, requires considerate planning before you end up buying a 4K TV as well as a PS4 Pro.

An upgrade only makes sense if you already have a 4K TV. The only reason why it makes sense is that of the fact that games on PS4 Pro look great all thanks to 4K technology and the latest game releases are promising as well. An upgrade makes sense if you don’t own an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. You can even do so if you own a 4K TV which lacks HDR support.

However, if you don’t own a PS4, it’s always best to directly jump to a PS4 Pro but only if you can afford it. Though you don’t own a 4K TV, a PS4 delivers a much faster and better outlook gaming experience. Even if you can’t afford the rather expensive PS4 Pro, the existing PS4 is still able to deliver you a great gaming experience.

In conclusion, the choice depends on your gaming tastes, budget, etc.


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