PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Console is Right For You?

One often gets confused on what consoles to choose from a variety of options available. How about you get the specialized best of the computer to enjoy your video games? In order to make your job of choosing easier, we have an informative article about PS4 vs Xbox One uniquely written for you. This will give you step by step information about the good and the best of ps4 and Xbox one. You can get the best experience of enjoying the game with the gaming console. The two of the best gaming console is the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The come with slimmer designs, new features and have a huge amount of big games. There are many versions of both the models and have been constantly evolving themselves to provide you with a better gaming experience. The PS4 has the blockbuster exclusives and is made user-friendly for you. It can be a tough choice to choose between both and so here are some of the points that you need to look for before deciding the gaming console to purchase.

The ultimate battle: Ps4 Vs Xbox One

Talking about battle and war you think that comes into my mind is its gaming library. Both the models have the best games in the list and exclusive blockbusters.

Game library

It seems like this war is won by Sony PlayStation 4. It has to offer many big hits searches uncharted 4, Horizon: zero dawn and God of War and also many other exclusive offerings which has the highest rated AAA titles of this generation. The Xbox One S Vs PS4 who was the best title from the third party blockbuster such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, Monster Hunter: the world and Resident Evil 7. All the PS4 has the highest rated but Xbox one also has the Player unknown’s battlegrounds which can be only played on that. The Xbox one also possesses all the major standouts like Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Forza Horizon 3 and sunset overdrive along with the New Year exclusive such as the state of decay 2 and sea of thieves.

With the most sports games, the Sony PlayStation 4 can be called as the winner of this ultimate fight while Microsoft Xbox One is the exclusive home to the killer instinct.

Another Battle of game

On the Microsoft new console can play more than 400 Xbox 360 games including Mass Effect, Fallout 3 on the entire Gears of War series. As per the backward compatibility and services Xbox one has won this game as it provides you with play anywhere initiative. This initiative by Microsoft let you by the digital version of games Sea of thieves and Forza Motorsport 7 and you can play them on Xbox One and on Windows 10. This Microsoft Xbox game passes grand success to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games which we can download for around $10 of the month and is quite cheaper as compared to the PlayStation.

However, the PS4 also has a small section of digital PS2 classics available on this phone is new console and eat skilled up to 1080 p for about $15 of pop. It also provides amazing and unique features such as share play and remote play helping you get entertained as never before. The PlayStation allows you to steam hundreds of large and titles from the cloud for 20 Dollars a month or $45 for 3 months. So in this battle, Microsoft Xbox one has The Upper Hand.

Looks play the game

Vishal you don’t want a big box sitting in your drawing room or in your room. For this gaming console, I am sure you would need the best design that you can place it anywhere and would just land with your interior and other furniture.

Hardware design

The designs that you would wish for should be stunning and compatible. Well, both the PS4 and Xbox One have impressive designs and can be easily fit into a backpack without any problem. They offer you attractive designs which you can place it anywhere and could also go under a TV. The PS4 my does not come with a high and gaming headsets but it does have the compatibility with its slight edge in its sheer smallness. For the PS4 you can also open up the consoles to swap in a new 2.5 inch or SATA drive. The PS4 controller has micro USB charging right out of the box while Xbox One needs to rely on the way batteries for that or can buy charging kit.

The Microsoft Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro and also has a slimmer look as compared to it. Budokan shoes do have a 500 GB of storage and also have controllers with its unique perks. The stories can be easily expanded by connecting an external hard drive in both the console. Do the Xbox one has textured grips which can also be customized, the Sony Dual Shock 4 is highly ergonomic and comes with the reactive light bar and touchpad.

Last but not the least how can we forget about the VR headsets which come only with the PlayStation 4. This is a big deal for the gaming enthusiast and is a deal breaker for this fight.

The internal deal

You must be thinking about the performance and profits of both the models well the starting versions of both consoles having 8-core c 86 64 AMD Jaguar processor with 8GB of RAM and AMD Radeon GPU along with 500gb of the hard drive. So you don’t need to worry about the storage of your games and its Processing Unit. It is true that the body models have excellent performance and look but PS4 does having the higher edge due to its resolution. Some of the games which would run at full 1080 p on PS4 will have the clarity of 900p for the Xbox One gamers. So if the proper clarity and display is your priority than PS4 would be on the top.

Premium deals

Talking about the premium versions we can say that the Microsoft Xbox one has an upper edge as it comes in many titles in native 4K and has the most powerful over specification of any console. The Xbox One X comes for $ 499 while it has PS4 Pro watch an upgrade experience at $ 399. Also, you can get the experience of the game in which colors and proper brightness with this version as both of them support the HDR ready TVs. The winner of the clarity and display would be a PS4 word for the premium versions Xbox would be better.

Made for you

For this, you need to make sure about that use of any nice as well as the entertainment that provides you with. The games are made for your comfort and so it is the best that you choose the one which is the best.

For your friendliness

Over the period of time that has been many changes in the Microsoft Xbox One and it has been made from sluggish and Messi to the Snappy and highly customizable console. Despite this, the PS4 just feels better while playing the game as a quick tap on the dual shock 4’s share button lets you broadcast your game player, record a clip and even take screenshots. While with the Microsoft, you have the ability to gift games to a friend,  get instant tech support with XBox assist and you can go to the do not disturb mode as well. One of the best thing is that with PS4 exclusive share play feature, you can have your online friend Android login for about 60 minutes.

Talking about the broadcasting gameplay, with both the consoles you can broadcast gameplay directly to twitch. One can even share the screenshots directly to Twitter or Facebook. Even streaming of the video on YouTube is possible. The Xbox one owners do not have that ability to share to YouTube what you had an option of steaming to Microsoft mixer service.

Control it anywhere

When there are guests in the living room and you are not able to play the game there, the PS4 and Xbox one has a solution for that as well. You can have both the systems for an off-TV play. The remote play of the PS4 let us stream the PS4 games to play station via handheld. One can only stream the games on Windows 10 tablets or laptops with Xbox One.

The control will be in your hands with the Microsoft commitment to accessibility. It is being made and modified for your comfort. The company will be releasing a hundred dollar Xbox adaptive controller which would have easy to reach buttons and to turn off quotes for connecting various accessories. Latest new devices you don’t need to have the traditional two-handed controller and can enjoy the large and easily usable controller. Although with all the ways, the PS4 interface can be said as more user-friendly.

A dose of entertainment

Have a show lined up while you are playing a game and not able to quickly Switch between them? Along with the Xbox One, you can transmit your cable box TV signal and can switch quickly between the game and the show. Xbox one also supports Dolby Atmos and Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro can all stream 4K content. Xbox one can also play 4K Blu rays but the PS4 cannot and which Dolby atmos it gives your home theatre products to enjoy the proper sound system. The Xbox one also has Kodi which is Highly popular media server app. Any movies, TV shows, images or songs can be accessed. Even the ones that are stored on any of your devices in your house.

The major apps like Netflix and Hulu, WWE network and Crunchyroll are all covered by both the consoles. So far that part you have all the entertainment Essentials covered by the consoles. Both of them also offer Spotify so you can enjoy the background music as well while you are playing the game and have an amazing game experience.

Comparison to draw

The PS4 has it own PlayStation Vue that offers an online TV service which would be starting at around $ 40 a month. All the major channels such as MTV and Nickelodeon are available on this online TV. It offers a slick interface and the nearly limitless DVR.

The Xbox One owners would have an access to sling TV which is similar to the PS4 but it would be $20 a month. You need to take the price consideration as well along with the features. It offers top network such as ESPN and AMC with add-on packages like Epix and HBO my eligibility to receive basic over the air live TV which would work even if you don’t have a cable or sling. The only thing that you would need is a separate antenna and an adapter handy. It also has certain notable music services such as Soundcloud, Pandora, and Deezer. So overall the Xbox One is the one with all the amazing features.

The ultimate online experience

Whenever you are playing a game you always want an online partner with whom you can enjoy and share your game with. You can get the Microsoft Xbox live gold and Sony’s PlayStation plus at $ 60 yearly and $ 10 monthly. You can get this online services for playing games on online multiplayer mode and also comes with the share of extra goodies.

The PlayStation plus member get 2 free games So does the Microsoft games with gold is for the Xbox Gamers. The PlayStation plus would cover PS4 PS3 and PS4 while the one with the Microsoft game gold would have the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The free games would be in your library as long as you are subscribed to either Xbox live gold or PlayStation Plus

In comparison to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Xbox one has a slight as the one with Xbox 360 games with gold are backward compatible. The PlayStation Plus is, however, going to stop offering PS3 and PS4 games but it’s unclear if Sony will offer more free games for the month. Body controls have the services that offer sequin discounts on the digital games. As we have talked about this 100 GB of storage you also get a cold storage in different capacities. Over 10 GB of storage on cloud is provided on the PlayStation. On the other hand, Xbox One has the games backed in the cloud. Even if you don’t have the Xbox live gold.

For the online experience instability, we can say that Xbox Live has the better repetition as compared to the PlayStation Network. This is because the PlayStation Network suffered from some infamous outages so accordingly, we can say that Xbox Live is more stable along with a better cloud storage and gives you the same services as compared to the PlayStation.

Make it worth it

As we see, all this far along that both the consoles offer the best features and are more or less with the excellent gaming experience. The Xbox One S starts at $ 279 which would make it the better option as compared to the PS4 which is $299. With some of the discount offers, you can also find them both as lowest $ 200. If you want the experience of the 4K gaming then Sony would cost $ 399 and the Xbox One X would cost you around $ 499. There is a wide gap between them as you can see there. But within 4K Blu Ray player you can get Xbox One S as the most feasible option.


PS4 which is known for user-friendly approach wins this race with more votes. The quality that a play station can provide is hard to find and impossible to forget. You may be an ultimate Personal Computer gamer but once you go play station, you don’t feel like turning back. While games like Halo, Gears of war, Froza and many other games are specialized to be played in Xbox, God of war and Uncharted will continue to make its home in Play station 4. With slightly better and unique features, PS4 leads this debate of better. One can always have a different opinion against the one that is of mass. Also, with the changing requirements, the pros and cons list of these gaming consoles will change.


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