Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review

Best Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing WheelPS4 steering wheels are very interesting gaming accessories available in the market. They are great for playing racing games on your PS4 consoles. There are literally hundreds of different racing wheel models in the market, however, the best ones have been reviewed by us after a set of rigorous and dedicated reviews. This article is all about Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel which is considered by many as one of the best PS4 steering wheels out there. Let us now find out more in detail about the best PS4 steering wheel

Best PS4 Steering Wheel Review: Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel


  • High levels of comfort are guaranteed all thanks to its ergonomic
  • Features a very comfortable footrest cum pedal assembly which ensures a comfortable and soothing experience making your gaming experience all the pleasurable.
  • Real life gaming experience is guaranteed all thanks to its unique touch sense feature.
  • A host of different gaming titles can be enjoyed using this steering wheel.


  • The overall build quality of this product is rather poor.

Bottom Line

The Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing wheel is certainly one of the best PS4 steering wheels in the business. It comes with a host of amazing technical features as well as a very economical price which makes it a very interesting option to consider for topmost gamers out there.

Compatible across multiple gaming platforms

Everyone loves playing games. By playing games, we can play games on various gaming platforms such as PS4, PS3 or even on PCs. The Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is the best steering wheel for gaming platforms such as PS4 and PS4. It is even compatible with even the very best if gaming PCs as well.

Being an official PS4 product, it can be automatically recognized by PS4 systems. It also comes with a sliding switch which ensures that compatibility is possible between both PS3 as well as the PS4 gaming consoles.

Best in class force feedback effects

When a game carries real and lifelike effects, it is automatically loved by anyone. Even when it comes to racing titles, they too carry certain gaming effects which can only be enjoyed best with a PS4 steering wheel.

You can now experience even the minutest of sensations from a race car game. This is possible only with the help of its realistic Force Feedback. This system allows the gamer to experience the road, tire grip, bumps, turns, etc.

This is all due to the powers of the mixed belt pulley system as well as the gear system. It allows a smooth, silent as well as a precise functioning of the steering wheel.

Very Realistic steering wheel

One of the best thing about this racing wheel is its real life like appearance. The steering wheel is of the perfect dimensions which are roughly about 11 inches or 28 cm when it comes to diameter. It is very ergonomically designed making it perfect for games such as NASCAR, Rally, Formula 1 as well as GTA, etc.

Reaching the controls has never been easier

If you ever plan to reach out to any control buttons, you can do so without taking your hands off the wheel. The official buttons such as PS, Share as well as the options button are all built in and easy to operate.

You can also access the necessary social functions, switching between the system and the game, traversing through the console menu, etc.

Very moderately priced

When it comes to buying the best gaming accessories for your gaming rig, the budget determines which product you end up buying. This PS4 steering wheel is very moderately proceeded and is a perfect gaming accessory for anyone walking on a very tight budget.

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This PS4 steering wheel represents money well spent as not only is the steering wheel greatly priced but also performs when it’s needed most.


Overall, the Thrust master T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is one of the very best PS4 steering wheels of 2018. It is a great piece of technology which delivers when it’s needed most.


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