Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel Review

Best Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing WheelGaming on a Play Station gaming console is an experience in itself. Ever since the PS4 released to the market, it opened up newer possibilities in the world of gaming. Newer and innovative PS4 accessories entered the market. This also included the best in class PS4 steering wheels which offer you a racing experience like no other. We had to traverse through hundreds of different PS4 steering wheel available in the market and after hundreds of hours of intense reviewing, we have come up with one of the best PS4 steering wheels in the market. In this article, we shall be reviewing the Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel which is another great product introduced by Thrust master. Read on to find out more!

Best PS4 Steering Wheel Review: Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel


  • This PS4 steering wheel is licensed by Sony which makes it easier for the console to recognize it.
  • The pedal and footrest assembly are easily adjustable which allows the gamer to enjoy gaming within their comfort zone.
  • This PS4 steering wheel comes loaded with extra controls which gives the gamer more control during gameplay.


  • The build quality of this PS4 steering wheel is rather poor.

Bottom Line

The Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel is an interesting racing wheel when it comes to economics as well as technical features. It’s got it all which makes it one of the best PS4 steering wheels out there. It can make a great addition to any top gamers gaming setup.

An officially licensed product by PlayStation

Not all the steering wheels out there are certified by PS4. The Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel is a steering wheel which has been manufactured under a PS4 license. It was one of the very first steering wheels for racing games on the PS4 gaming console. When it comes to officially licensed products, users will now be able to play more games which are compatible with the steering wheel.

Not many PS4 steering wheels can do that.

Very ergonomically designed product

Everyone loves comfort during gameplay. This PS4 steering wheel comes with an adjustable pedal set as well as wheel sensitivity which too can be adjusted as per the gamer’s requirements.

The pedal set consist of a pair of pedals as well as a wide footrest. The heavy sensitivity offered by the wheel allows the gamers to control the game more precisely. This steering wheel’s sensitivity can be adjusted allowing precision to dominate gameplay regardless of the gamer’s style of play. The overall handling of the wheel is real smooth all thanks to the linear resistance offered by the wheel.

Bungee Cord Mechanism

The steering wheel’s base boasts a unique feature called as the ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism which is best known to offer linear resistance.

The Bungee cord mechanism is an automated centering system which has been patented by Thrust master itself. Regardless of the angle of rotation, the mechanism offers linear resistance which guarantees ergonomic control of the entire system.

Easy to reach controls

A good PS4 steering wheel is all about ease of control. You can now reach out to any of the controls without actually taking your hand off the steering wheel. All the official PS4 control buttons such as PS, Share as well as the options button are present on the steering wheel as well. You can also access the necessary social functions, switching between the system and the game, traversing through the console menu, etc.

Very moderately priced

The pricing aspects too have been taken care of this PS4 steering wheel. Not only is it filled with the best in class technical features, but also a very appealing price as well.

It represents a great piece of investment for the overall gaming experience it offers to make this PS4 steering wheel the very best there is.

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This PS4 steering wheel is a great addition to any gaming setup. It is perfect not only for experienced gamers but also first-time gamers as well because of its ease of use as well as its economical price range.


Overall, the Thrust master T80 RS PS4 Racing Wheel is one of the flagship product by Thrust master. It represents money well spent as it certainly takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.


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