Thrustmaster VG TMX PRO Racing Wheel Reviews

Racing wheels have been growing and making its significant space in the gaming industry. With that, the companies making them are also increasing. There are many to choose from but Thrustmaster has its own significant place. There are many points that will prove that this one is totally worth to make it in the top two. The Thrustmaster VG TMX PRO racing wheel delivers an amazing racing experience that too at an affordable price. The standard package of the racing wheel constitutes of the racing wheel along with 2 pedal sets. While the pro package includes the 3 pedal set. You can add them on for the improved gaming experience. The Thrustmaster’s name associated with the product make it reliable as they are making gaming consoles and wheels for a long time. They have a maintained reputation for manufacturing high-quality affordable racing wheels. It can be used on both Xbox or Windows. It is equipped with a 900-degree force feedback system. Also, gear systems and belt-pulley combined with metal ball-bearings for the smooth movement. The metal pedal is metal up of hundred percent metal and also the internal structure of the wheel. The pedals are totally adjustable. The wheel has many buttons making your gaming experience accessible and place in the right places. Also, the brakes are highly responsive. However, the look is not that good. Another good thing about this model is that the wheel is covered with rubber making the grip better for a better hold during gaming. This is an advantage to the people who like playing with single hand.


  • Smooth, strong, and pretty force feedback.
  • The wheel is made with Thrustmaster quality.
  • It allows you to add on 3 pedal set and shifter.
  • The wheel is equipped with a good vibrational engine.
  • Good price, value for money.
  • Provided with a progressive brake pedal.


  • Pedals are made up of plastic.
  • The rim of steering wheel can’t be removed or changed.


With Thrustmaster steering wheel you will definitely go to have an improved racing experience than a regular controller. The TMX is an amazing option to choose from that too in affordable rate. This is one of the best recommendations you can get if you are looking for an Xbox one steering wheel.

Forced Feedback Engine

The Thrustmaster VG TMX Pro racing wheel is strongly built, smooth, not overpowering, works excellently to make the gamer feel the road. The forced feedback engine responses well to the diving inputs. Also, it has a nice pullback while drifting through corners. Thrustmaster came up with an upgrade in mechanism i.e. pulley and belt mechanism. Also, a bungee cord within the Thrustmaster spider. It surely works amazingly to deliver an actual racing feels.

Well Designed Wheel Rim Center Column

The Rim is similar to previously designed by the Thrustmaster. All the buttons are easily accessible while racing which is always a plus point. A good button layout is always preferred because gamer knows that he will need to use his right thumb quite often. While driving button ‘A’ will be needed anytime to apply brakes and Thrustmaster had made this thing very convenient. The presence of the D-pad on the center column makes navigation much easier and always preferred. Thrustmaster had provided this on the center column for convenience. Also, the paddles shifters are at right place a little away from the rim. Hence, they make a correct click sound into the place when used.

Responsive progressive brakes

If you haven’t played with a progressive brake before then you don’t know what amazing experience you will have with them. A progressive brake provides you the experience of applying a real break. And the more you push the break down it gets harder to push down slowly. Also, they work well in simulating real brake pressure. And the pedals are also very responsive and you can actually feel an energetic push back under your feet. Also, you can adjust the pedal angle accordingly. The Throttle distance with the pedal is just fine as required. Also, you can add 3 pedal set separate in TMX. This can really change your gaming experience. Considering the price the pedal and braking system works amazingly well.

Multiple Compatibility

The Thrustmaster TMX can be used with both your Xbox and gaming PCs. And this always adds value when you can use one device on various platforms. The steering wheel is natively compatible with Xbox due to Microsoft embedded software.


The Thrustmaster VG TMX PRO racing wheel has been selected for this keeping in the mind all the expectations of a gamer. Also, you can enjoy a racing steering wheel at such an affordable price with all its features. The 3 extra paddle just adds another reason to you making this your choice. This one will entertain you with new gaming experiences at a mid-range price so every game lover can own this.


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